Here to Help

Neurorehabilitation Services

Insurance companies vary in their coverage for cognitive neurorehabilitation and specifically for home and community services. We are available to assist in the often complicated and frustrating process of investigating insurance coverage and obtaining authorization for services. We use our extensive industry experience to educate funding representatives regarding the complex rehabilitation needs of a person with cognitive difficulties. OTOL Rx may also suggest “outside of the box” options to consider when researching benefits and coverage for prescribed rehabilitation services.

Language-Learning and Cognitive-Communication-Social Skills Services

This treatment is carried out by our speech-pathologists. Services are billed under the outpatient speech-language pathology benefits. Most insurance companies cover outpatient speech sessions for a specific minimum number of sessions. Our office is available to contact your insurance company representative and to gather information regarding the terms of your policy coverage. We are also available to provide suggestions and guidance for claims submissions.