Consumer Feedback and Testimonials

The Role of Consumer Feedback in our Program

Feedback from the consumers of our services (including clients/families, funding sources, medical/rehabilitation professionals, community members) is highly valued. We evaluate all comments and constructive feedback. OTOL Rx maintains an ongoing challenge to refine our services and best meet the needs of the people we serve. Feedback on how we are doing is received through informal comments as well as through our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires. To follow are some of the comments our consumers have passed along regarding OTOL Rx services:

Testimonials and Program Feedback

Home and Community Neurorehabilitation Services

H. Richard Adams, M.D.
“I would like to personally congratulate you for your pioneer work and dedication in the field of brain injury rehabilitation. You certainly have been an important influence in the development of the model for providing services in the home and community environment. This has resulted in improved outcomes and quality of life measures for our patients. I am personally grateful to you and your organization for success in providing such valuable services to the patients and their families.”

Bobbie and Al Sapper
“We were very lucky to be referred to OTOL Rx. Sandy was responsible for getting our then 20 year old daughter back into an independent life. The doctors predicted a dismal future when our daughter awoke from her two month coma. This news was devastating. But, our family remained hopeful and refused to give up trying. Our daughter eventually went back to college, graduated, now lives on her own, drives a car, and is very independent. We got our daughter back with lots of hard work, love, and an unwavering positive outlook by Sandy and all the OTOL Rx team members.”

Wendy A. Tucker, Esq
“My husband is recovering from a severe brain injury and continues to receive services from OTOL Rx. His home and community clinicians offer an amazingly creative, individualized, practical and passionate approach to cognitive rehabilitation. My husband has progressed at this point from needing a full-time caregiver while I work to no more caregiver along with increased independence and involvement in many wonderful community-based activities. OTOL Rx continues to guide my husband in his recovery and road to independence with sensitivity, respect, and enthusiasm.”

William LaValley, CDMS, CCM
“One of the true innovators of Home and Community Rehabilitation, Sandy Milton has made a phenomenal difference in the lives of patients with a brain injury. Sandy and her team of clinicians strive for excellence and for the personal connection that makes OTOL Rx services unique in the field of rehabilitation.”

Barbara Greenfield, RN, BSN, CCM
“My clients have urgent and complex needs. Therefore, what I look for in providers of care are immediate attention and personal service. OTOL Rx has provided this type of service consistently. Their therapists are highly skilled, caring, and reliable.”

Language-Learning and Cognitive-Communication-Social Skills

Mary M. Moebius, MD, FAPA
“There are so few excellent resources for children and adolescents suffering from language-based disorders causing social difficulties. I am grateful to have the expertise of Sandy Milton and the OTOL Rx team in our community. OTOL Rx has helped bridge this social communication gap in several of my patients helping to relieve anxiety and depression relate to ameliorating the deficits.”

Karen L. Schiltz, PhD
“As a psychologist specializing in pediatric and young adult neuropsychological assessment, I have worked with Sandy Milton for many years. The youth she serves who struggle with problem-solving and social-communication skills have found her to be dedicated and focused on delivering cutting-edge evidence-based interventions. Sandy can integrate my neuropsychological report findings into a precise treatment plan to help the child and their parents. She is also a team player who integrates additional data from many medical and educational providers such as medical reports, occupational assessments, and educational evaluations. In addition, I have known Sandy to have a strong work ethic, coupled with dedication and compassion for those she treats. These factors consistently lead to exceptional outcomes in research-based care. I always know that any parent/child I refer to Sandy will be professionally and thoroughly taken care of. In sum, I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending this exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled, and competent clinician to my colleagues, parents, and their children.”

Peter and Lisa Taube
“Our son is in middle school and has been diagnosed with language-learning difficulties. He received many months of cognitive therapy with OTOL Rx. The results have made a big difference in our son’s self-esteem, peer friendships, and school success. We are very grateful.”

Jill and Daniel Weintraub
“In the middle of a pandemic, our son was diagnosed with both bipolar and level one autism. Both of these had been masked by a previous ADHD diagnosis years ago. Despite only being able to work with our son online with ZOOM, Sandy quickly connected with our son. Their rapport is genuine. We saw an almost immediate improvement with his social skills both conversationally and non-verbally based on their weekly engagement. It is such a delight to see our son try new conversational starters and transitions without prompting. Sandy has also prioritized to make therapy a family teem effort. We receive frequent educational materials and written summaries of key points covered in therapy sessions. Sandy also sets aside time to discuss with us our observations and any concerns about our son’s social-communication behavior at home. She has provided excellent practical suggestions for how to manage many of the difficulties we discuss. We have a ways to go still, but we have made our appointments a top priority for our son’s growth, especially without the social environment in-person schooling being available this year.”

Kathy Stern
“I am so thankful and appreciative for all your work with my son, Collin. Your strategies are ‘spot on’ and relate exactly to what he has been identifying as problem areas. OTOL Rx services have given Collin such confidence as he moves forward with returning to college. We both feel the strategies you have created for him will be invaluable in helping Collin focus and succeed this year in college and in the years to come. This is such a gift.”

Medical-Legal Treating Expert

David Lechuga
“I have referred cases to Sandy for years. Typically, I recommend reasonable treatment for personal injury cases that involve residual cognitive impairments. I do plaintiff and defense work. Sandy’s evaluations are consistently detailed and data-based, complementing my findings from her professional perspective. I can trust Sandy to implement a customized treatment plan that matches particular compensatory strategies to a particular individual and their life situation. This takes time and expertise. The outcomes of this work are always positive. I recommended Sandy highly and will refer to her now and in the future.”