Our Areas of Specialization

OTOL Rx Cognitive Rehab Specialists (“OTOL Rx”) provides home and community therapy to people with cognitive difficulties. These problems may be due to a brain injury, neurological illness, or neuro developmental condition. Our program concentrates on applying therapy skills in meaningful settings with each client at the focal point of their program. We are available to meet with clients in surroundings that count the most–in their homes and their communities. Community locations include the local grocery store, shopping center, hiking trail, public transportation route, high school/college campus, and volunteer/work.

Our clients may experience cognitive difficulties in one or more categories of behavior. These include memory, reasoning and problem solving, visual perception, impulse control and self regulation, attention, receptive and expressive language, and abstract thinking. Executive functioning skills, also known as “the orchestra conductor,” is one area of cognitive functioning commonly addressed by our experienced team. These skills consist of a variety of cognitive processes working together in an organized fashion. Many if not all aspects of functional, everyday behavior are impacted by executive functioning skills. The building block skills for executive control include:

  • Planning: The ability to set a realistic goal and to create steps to attain the goal
  • Initiation: The ability to get started
  • Inhibition: The ability to stop oneself from carrying out a well-practiced and “ready” response when that response is not adaptive to the present situation; also involves the ability to shift attention or cognitive set to a new stimulus and disregarding or “placing in the background” the previous stimulus for the current situation
  • Attention to and appropriate response to feedback: The ability to focus on performance feedback from others and integrate useful information into subsequent behavior
  • Cognitive flexibility: The ability to shift attention focus from one stimulus to another or from one idea to another, without being stuck on prior thoughts and actions
  • Problem solving and self-correction: The ability to recognize that an ineffective action is being carried out when engaged in a familiar or novel activity; this is followed by stopping prior to completion, reevaluating what actions have taken place, formulating or revising the plan to include behavioral corrections/adaptations, and then implementing these corrections in an effort to better achieve the desired outcome