We Believe in the Possibilities

It is my pleasure to introduce you to OTOL Rx Cognitive Rehab Specialists. In the pages that follow, you will learn about our pioneering, compassionate, and deeply committed clinical work. Our areas of specialty include home and community neurorehabilitation, cognitive therapy for children and adults, and a focus on social-communication skills. Therapy services are provided in a safe and welcoming environment that respects each client’s individuality, gender identity, lifestyle preferences, and values.   

Our staff–occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and social workers–are exceptionally experienced, creative, and dedicated professionals. All are driven to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the individuals we serve. Most importantly, you can count on each staff person to maintain an unwavering positive outlook on the work we do and belief in the possibilities. Over the years, our therapists have shared the joy of facilitating many amazing accomplishments by our clients. We do not give up easily nor are we deterred by those who do not see potential to attain new milestones in specific skills, level of independence, and return to performance of meaningful productive daily activities. Our professional staff provides opportunities for continued behavioral change–maximizing personal strengths and facilitating adaptive skills to handle challenges. It is always a privilege and immensely gratifying to help our clients propel forward in their lives.

OTOL Rx Cognitive Rehab Specialists is a small, boutique rehabilitation program within Southern California. And, we purposefully choose to stay that way. This allows us to provide a highly personable service to our clients and their loved ones in the warm surroundings and privacy of their homes. This singular focus also helps our program to consistently meet (or exceed) our standards for outstanding and individualized service delivery. We know that each client and family who entrusts their care to us deserves the best possible value, services, and outcomes. Currently, our program works with clients who live in the San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles, Santa Clarita Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and surrounding locations.

Our company also offers alternatives to working with clients in their homes and communities. We are available to provide therapy in an office setting carefully designed for client relaxation, comfort and maximum privacy. Services for student clients are typically carried out in the therapy office. This location is also often selected by those individuals who feel uncomfortable opening their home to our staff or reside in geographical areas that are outside of our team’s travel area at the time services are requested. Our therapy office is located in the East San Fernando Valley with the option to expand therapy into the easily accessible local suburban community. Telerehab (remote) therapy provided by our speech-language pathologists is another option that we offer. These services are provided under certain circumstances related to personal health concerns, geographical location, and/or time constraints.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you want to discuss any of the information provided, I invite you to contact me directly–by phone or email. I am available to answer any questions you may have.

Sandy Milton, M.A, CCC-SLP, CCM
Founder and Clinical Director · Senior Speech-Language Pathologist